Outre Quick Weave Batik Half Wig Peruvian

Hey guys! I want to show you the Outre Quick Weave Batik Half Wig Peruvian hairstyle that I will be wearing. It is going to be a half wig by Outre Quick Weave Batik Half Wig Peruvian and so I'll do a review for you after I get the hair installed so you can see it fresh out of the pack on my head. Underneath I'm going to go ahead and have my stylist do beehive cornrows and I'm going to have some leave out in the front. I plan on keeping the hair in for 10 to 12 weeks. 12 weeks would be the preference but if its hair is starting to look a little janky then I'll go ahead and take it out, but I just wanted to let you guys know what's happening now and then in the next video you'll see me with the hair on as well as my review of the hair.

 I am back from the salon and I got my crochet braids removed then she wash my hair and then she did a beehive type of circular braid style with extension hair and then we left a little bit out in front.  I do have the front of my hair out right now and eventually I will pull it down and keep it swooped and pinned down like I always do with my wigs. 

This hair is really amazing! If you would like to purchase Outre Quick Weave Batik Half Wig Peruvian  , click the link here: 

The curls on this wig look amazing and it's a style like the Brazilian curl type of hair/wig that I have seen going around right now that's pretty popular.

There are only two downsides to my salon visit. First, she used a paddle brush on my natural 4c hair and that was not what I would normally do. I normally detangle my hair by finger combing it and then I would follow that up with a wide-tooth comb. I normally stay away from the paddle brushes however it wasn't a full disturbance from what I would normally do when detangling my natural hair so I decided to not say anything and let her to go ahead and do her thing. The other downside was when she was trying to lay down my natural hair and my edges. While she was flat ironing my hair she was trying to do this cute curly and crimping style. Her had slipped and she burned my face. 

She really did a good job overall and she's a good hairstylist so I'm not going to throw her under the bus. She was actually doing a technique to try to help match my texture with the texture of the wig.  

Thank you very much for sticking with me and I appreciate all of the support. Have a wonderful day 

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