Curlformers on Natural Hair

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Curlformers on Natural hair is a great way to stretch the hair for natural curly hair styles or you can simply wear the curls made by the curlformers. Stretching our hair texture without heat is very important in natural black hair care. All black hairstyles can benefit from the use of curlformers.

I used the curlformers that come in the kit on my naturally curly hair; however it can be used on any hair type. This kit contains 46 long and wide whose colors are orange and pink, with a styling hook as well. You do not have to purchase the kit. You can just buy each item separately at hair stores like Sallys, but I found it more convenient just to buy the kit and save time, money, and energy. The kit cost me around $60 and I purchased the product from

This is how I set curlformers on natural hair. I discuss where to buy them, how to use and apply, and my two uses of them for my afro hair. After I wash, detangle, and deep condition my natural black hair, I apply a quarter size amount of Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner as my leave in and a dime size amount of 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This is definitely the time where you want to make sure you have fully detangled your African American hair regardless if you have transitioning hair, natural hair, or relaxed hair; otherwise you will have many setbacks and time wasted trying to apply the curlformers.

Once I have triple checked that my hair is detangled and moisturized, I place everything I need out on the counter to reduce application time.

When I first started using these I would always do one or two to see how many would be needed for each section. This helps me know how many I will need for all of my natural hair. Natural hair is very thick and sometimes it can be hard to tell when you are standing in the mirror looking at a huge afro.

This is the main reason why sectioning the hair before you start is super important. It helps you focus on one area at a time and keeps you from rushing the black hair setting process.

Two other natural curly hair styles with curlformers on natural hair

Things you need for to do the curlformers on natural hair style:

•Wide tooth comb

•Denmen brush

•Water spray or leave in spray to keep the hair damp

•Setting lotion



•Clips or pins to keep hair separated while setting hair.

After gathering the African American hair care items I need, it is time for the application of the former rollers. One helpful tip that I have found is putting the hook through the curlformer before I get my hair ready each time. I then set my hair with LottaBody Carrot Oil and Keratin Foam Wrap (regular hold) and use my denman to brush it through my hair.

After I apply the curlformers on natural hair, I set them overnight in my natural 4c hair. I do not sleep with anything on my head. When I do try the satin scarf falls off. So it is best just to sleep on a satin pillow case. Sleeping with them is somewhat tough. Yet, I have found that if you apply them loosely you can adjust them better when lying down for the night.

Now if you refuse to sleep in them, you can always use a hair dryer or blow dryer for about 20-30 minutes. This type of roller set seems to dry faster.

When I take it out the next morning, I either style my stretched hair or I add wonder 8 oil spray or extra virgin olive oil and wear the curls as is with a cute hair band or flower.

The curl set only last one to two days, but the stretched natural curly hair style last for well over a week! Thanks so much for watching and reading! =)

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