Natural Black Hair Care

Natural Black Hair Care is needed more now then ever. So many women want to be natural but lack the understanding of how to grow it long, strong, and in control.

African American Hair is beautiful and so versatile, but it can also be tough to handle.

One of the main problems I have seen with those of us who practice Natural Black Hair Care, is the inability to maintain healthy hair while displaying its unique beauty and show off Natural Curly Hair Styles.

Too many of us simply just give up because we are overwhelmed by the maintenance of our natural hair. While others do not even attempt to try to have proper African American Hair Care because some do not understand what our hair really needs.

So I have made it my mission to teach as many women as I can, that Natural Curly Hair can be fun and easy!

So what about the hair lovers who do not have natural hair?

There is still tons of information here that you can learn to improve the overall health and strength of your African American Hair Care. Healthy hair is healthy hair regardless if you are relaxed, natural, or transitioning, and I have been all the above.

I am here to guide and help you:

•With all your questions and concerns about hair care

•By showing you “hair how tos” and black hair tutorials

•Find and choose Natural Curly Hairstyles and Straight Hairstyles best suited for your hair

•Figure out what are healthy hair ingredients

•Select effective and highly sought after hair products

•Talk to other women who are natural, relaxed, and transiting about their hair journeys.

Some women are concerned about the damage that they have already done to their natural black hair. They wonder, “Will I still be able to have healthy hair?” The answer of course is yes. Yes, you can still have healthy African American hair regardless. Nevertheless, you have to be ready to make some tweaks to your African American Hair Care hair routine.

So if you are ready to learn about how lovely your hair can be…Let’s go on this healthy hair care journey together!

Natural hair products
Natural hair products, Natural Hair Growth Tip, Hair Tools, and natural hair styles
Naturally Lonya
A motivated young woman who obtained healthy hair and now is educating others on how to to take care of, maintain, and grow natural hair: relaxed hair, and transitioning hair. Join Naturally Lonya
African American Hair
African American hair is one of true beauty! Learn the latest techniques to grow black hair longer, thicker, and faster!
4c Natural Hair Growth
4c Natural Hair Growth with my 2 month old cornrows! My natural hair growth on 4c hair!
Natural Black Hair Care
Natural black hair care comes in all shapes, colors, and types. In the last few years we are seeing an increasing number of women embracing and changing to natural hair.
4C Natural Hair
4C natural hair is one of the kinkiest hair types. As I was transitioning I knew that I was going to have my hands full with my natural hair
Moisturizing Natural Hair
Black hair regardless if it is relaxed, transitioning, or natural tends to be dryer then that of other races. Moisturizing natural hair is easy as long as you follow this basic formula.
Natural curly hair styles: Curly Afro Hairstyles
The curly Afro was a natural curly hair styles that I have been waiting to do, but just didn't have the courage to wear all my hair out in a full Afro.
Big Chop: Naturally Lonya’s
This is my big chop story. I cut my own hair after a one year natural hair transition from relaxed hair.
Curlformers on Natural Hair
This is how I set curlformers on natural hair. I discuss where to buy them, how to use and apply, and my two uses of them for my afro hair.
Dry Flaky Scalp
Dry flaky Scalp can occur in certain situations or seasons of the year, but for the severe cases, dandruff is a chronic hair issue.
Hair Twists
Hair Twists are fun, stylish, and very easy to do. Twists can help you create a new look and spice up your hair styling routine.
Organic Hair Care Products
Organic hair care products is needed now more than ever.
Organic Hair Color
Organic hair color is better than other non organic hair coloring systems. They are safer, less harsh, and less toxic.
Curly Hair Products
Curly hair products are becoming more abundant on the market now that businesses are realizing that there is a substantial need that has not been fully met.
Natural Hair Transition
Transitioning from African American relaxed hair to natural hair is simple once you learn the basics. I have 5 easy steps that will make your natural hair transition effortless, easy, and fun.
Washing Transitioning Hair
This video and article covers how I wash, deep conditioning, and detangle my transitioning hair! Yes, Washing transitioning hair can be fun!
African American Hair Care
African American hair care is becoming more and more important in the black hair community.
Sharterrka LonYa's Natural hair blog
I have always done Natural Hair, Relaxed, and Transitioning hair tutorials. So I wanted to create a place that all us hair lovers can meet and give the latest tips, advice, and encouragement.
Black Hairstyles
Black hairstyles are one of the most popular things to discuss in the African American Hair community beside that of African American hair care products and hair growth.
Wig tips
Wigs are a great protective hairstyle! I discuss the wig tips that I used that have helped me see great hair growth. These are simple and basic tips.
Freetress Equal Synthetic Wig Review
Freetress Equal Synthetic Wig Review
Outre Quick Weave Batik Half Wig Peruvian
Outre Quick Weave Batik Half Wig Peruvian Review
My Top Eight Hair Mistakes
These are the hair mistakes that I have made before transitioning to natural hair. I have made many mistakes but I wanted to share them so that you don't have to endure the same bad hair experiences.
Thinning Hair Causes
There are many thinning hair causes and here is a thorough explication of what can cause your hair to thin and fall out.
Hairstyles for Curly Hair
Hairstyles for curly hair can be hard to find especially if you want to leave your hair in its naturally curly state.
Thinning Hair Solutions
I was motivated to help other women find thinning hair solutions especially around the edges and nape area because I know that’s a big issue in the hair community
Straight Hairstyles
Straight hairstyles are sometimes hard to do because of the texture may not hold styles for a long period of time.
Black Hair Growth Vitamins
Black hair growth vitamins are certainly necessary for those of us who do not get a proper balance diet.
Kinky twists: How to!
Kinky twists are one of the many fun protective hairstyles you can do with natural 4c hair. It’s easy to learn how to braid beautiful braided styles and twists styles!
Washing Kinky Twists or Braids
This is how I wash, condition, and deep condition my hair while in kinky twists and braids. You can use this steps and series regardless of the type of twists or braids. Washing Kinky Twists is easy!
Braid Hairstyles
In our fast past lifestyles today we have created an abundant amount of braid hairstyles that you can choose from!
Crochet braids and Crochet Senegalese Twists
Crochet braids and Crochet Senegalese Twists
Braids Hairstyles
Braids Hairstyles look great on everyone regardless of age, culture, or ethnicity.Here I have just about every braided hairstyle that you can find out there.
African Braids Hairstyles
One advantage that African braids hairstyles have is the fact that they last longer than other braiding hairstyles and they come in a variety of styles and lengths.
Maintain Kinky Twists
How I maintain kinky twists, how I wash kinky twists, and my hair care routine while I’m in twist or braids is a three part series.
French Braids Hairstyles
Amazing French braids hairstyles that you are sure to love and wanna wear today! What I love most about French braids hairstyles are the fact that any hair type can wear them.
Micro Braids Hairstyles
Micro braids hairstyles are beautiful and these braids hairstyles are one of the most popular types of braids hairstyles I see in the African and African American hair community.
Girls Braids Hairstyles
These girls braids hairstyles will help stop those little fussy fights over hair. Pictures of both Black girl braids hairstyles and white girl braids hairstyles.
Men Braids Hairstyles
Men braids hairstyles are amazing to see. I have seen just about everything you can do with braids on a man’s hair.
Boys Braids Hairstyles
Boys braids hairstyles can help you keep their hair preserved while they play. Boys braids hairstyles can last for many weeks, and can give you more free time.
Cornrow braids hairstyles
These cornrow braids hairstyles can have extensions installed creating a more dramatic look or simply done with your own true hair.

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