4c Natural Hair Growth

Video Transcription of 2 month old cornrows! My 4c Natural Hair Growth!: 

Hey guys I wanted to show you what my 4c Natural Hair Growth has been as of September 2016. So this is my big chop photo here. I big chopped my hair on April 16, 2016. After that I did get the FreeTress Braid - SENEGALESE TWIST LARGE crochet braids. I wore the FreeTress Braid - SENEGALESE TWIST LARGE crochet braids for about 2-3 months as a long term protective hairstyle. Then then took out the selegelste twist crochet braids and got my hair in braided into a beehive cornrow style to wear my wigs. I wore my Outre Synthetic Half Hair Wig Quick Weave Batik Peruvian wig first and then once I was done wearing the curly hair and went over to where the back to Freetress Equal Lace Deep Invisible L Part Lace Front Wig Jannie again that's my go to wig. The Freetress Jannie wig lasts due to its style and simplicity. I can wear this wig forever! While I was wearing both of these wigs, I kept my hair in a beehive cornrow style with extension hair in the base.  

Here is a clip of my 4c natural hair growth while I had my hair in the Beehive cornrows. I do want to let you know I did wash my hair once a week sometimes more than that depending on my level of activity.  I also deep condition each time I washed and I make sure my hair stay moisturized by using the Oyin handmade juices and berries leave in spray. This is the growth that I was able to achieve.

Clip begins: “I have been wearing my hair in the Beehive cornrows for quite some time now and I have actually washed my hair several times. This is the  4c natural hair growth for about 2 months. You were able to see how well I was able to achieve that growth”. I know some people are a little bit worried about wearing protective hairstyles for such an extended time. Again this was two months of growth but here are the photos of me after I took the cornrows down. I did not have any trouble taking down my hair or detangling. I had no matting or tangling of my hair. I contribute this to having extension hair added to my cornrow verses just simply getting my hair cornrowed alone.   

After take down went ahead and washed and blow-dried my hair. I was moving into the next style which are the loose Afri Naptural Definition 100% Synthetic Kanekalon Crochet Braids. I will have a video dedicated strictly for that style but here is an image of what it looks like from this angle. My next focus will be on doing more of the extremely long or extreme protective hairstyles. I have found that my hair is able to kinda push the limits a little bit and be able to be retained in a long-term protective hairstyle longer. As of right now, the longest that I was able to maintain an extremely long protective hairstyle is right around the 3-month range so I will be testing that out to see if I can make it to 4 months. I hope that you guys will follow me along on my hair journey. Go ahead and make sure you check out the next video dedicated to the Afri Naptural Definition 100% Synthetic Kanekalon Crochet Braids. Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you have a wonderful day! 

End of Video Transcription: “2 month old cornrows! My 4c Natural Hair Growth!”

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